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At iPeople we are always looking for stylish, retail/sales professionals to join our team


Director’s Statement

Dominic Kneafsey, Founder of iPeople

We act consistently with honesty and truthfulness, putting our customers interests before our own

We have the skill, knowledge, competence and character to exceed expectations

We channel our passion and energy to succeed in all that we undertake

We are coordinated, orderly and efficient

We have the vision and foresight to create our own opportunities

We have the influence in which we can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task

We seek first to understand, then to be understood

When I founded iPeople in 2007 my vision was to create a consultancy that would go the extra mile to form a real partnership with both its clients and its candidates.  To be successful I knew that we had to fully understand and immerse ourselves in our client’s brand, its ethos and its values, and to take a truly caring approach to our candidates’ careers and development.

After thirteen years of working closely with some of the best and most innovative brands within the UK, I have used my experience to make iPeople become a successful business valuing both clients and candidates whilst also becoming a great place to work.

iPeople’s most valuable asset are its people. I am proud of the fact that iPeople’s emphasis on learning and development has equipped its current and indeed many of its ex employees to forge successful and happy careers.

My role with the organisation is to provide an excellent role model and to inspire my colleagues to achieve their full potential. If I ever deviate from this goal I am inspired in my own personal journey by these words:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”
John Quincy Adams

As a potential client or candidate I would like to wish you every success and I hope that iPeople can go someway in helping you choose the right path


The iPeople team have been carefully selected with each individual possessing extensive experience gained from a from blue chip industry sectors and/or a recruitment background. This has enabled us to successfully work in partnership with some of the UK’s most reputable companies.

iPeople promise we put people first

To passionately immerse ourselves in cultures and careers to inspire and guide in both business and life. To choose the right path.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation

iPeople are corporate members of the REC. The REC provide a wide variety of services and functions for the UK recruitment industry, including training, legal advice, vetting of suppliers, press relations advice and networking opportunities.

The REC also carry out extensive lobbying with a view to protecting members from potentially damaging legislation that is a constant threat to the industry from both the UK and European Parliaments. As an employee of iPeople, you are entitled to use the REC services, a number of which are free. At iPeople, we subscribe to the REC code of conduct and it is important that you familiarise yourselves with it. It can be found at www.rec.uk.com.


Dominic recruited me for IKEA in 1996 and his key qualities that struck me then and now was his terrific self-confidence,wit and humour. Great communication skills and a real desire to succeed. Over the years we have remained in contact and I have seen the difficult and challenging situations that he has had to deal with. A combination of resilience and optimism once again is the hallmark of his success

Phil Rogers, IKEA

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